Responsible Innovation Case Studies

Responsible Innovation COMPASS features real industry cases on how implementing RI can kick-start innovation and contribute to competitiveness of SMEs in the key innovation fields.

COMPASS has now determined 5 winners from the case-study competition that was launched in September 2016. We will publish these excellent stories about responsible innovation one by one during the coming months. Scroll down to meet AppNP, the first of these inspiring company examples.

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The Rehab Angel A New Rehabilitation Device

The Rehab Angel is a unique variable angle device that allows better control and safety for patients requiring lower limb exercises and is used mostly for knee rehabilitation purposes. It was developed by the Allied Health Research unit of the University of Central Lancashire UK, in cooperation with Medical Devices Technology International Limited (MDTi), an SME specialized in the commercialization of innovative medical devices.

Watch the video to see how the RehabAngel was developed and why it makes for a great case of how to realize the principles of responsible innovation in practice.

Download the full case study to find out how Rehab Angel integrated the principles of responsible innovation!

Download the case study:  The Development of New Rehabilitation Devices for Use in The Community Setting – the RehabAngel.

Author: Jim Richards, 2017.

Meet Responsible Innovation Pioneer BodyTel™

GlucoTel™™ is a sensor for tele-medical blood glucose monitoring and diabetes management, developed by ™BodyTel™, a German tele-health company that offers products and services and solutions for patients and for the medical industry.

GlucoTel is unique in allowing patients, parents of affected children, caregivers and doctors to be automatically informed about measured blood glucose values. Tele-medical applications have a great potential for improving diabetes care. BodyTel‘s products thus directly contribute to tackling one of the societal challenges (health, demographic change and well-being) by allowing more efficient care, which leads to a better quality of life as well as cost savings for health care and nursing. Furthermore BodyTel also aims to make tele-medical applications accessible and affordable to the countries most affected.

Download the full case study to learn more about how BodyTel follows the principles of responsible innovation and what it means for their business. If it inspires you, use the buttons below to share it!

Download the case study: Telemedicine for diabetes care- the case of GlucoTel
Authors: Karsten Bolz, Common Peak

AppNP Responsible Innovation Frontrunner in Nanotechnology

AppNP (APPLIED NANOPARTICLES SL) is a science-based spin off company of the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN2), the University Autonoma of Barcelona (UAB) and the Institut Català de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (ICREA), whose purpose is to research, study and develop nanoparticles, and their applications, based on Responsible Research and Innovation principles. AppNP’s core project is the commercial exploitation of a patent named BioGAS+. BioGAS+ is the first ready to use additive, based on safe and sustainably engineered iron nanoparticles, directed at the optimization of anaerobic digestion processes, which increases the production of biogas.

Watch the video to hear first hand AppNPs approach ro responsible innovation and download the full case study below.

Download the full case study to find out HOW and WHY AppNP follows the principles of responsible innovation and what it means for their business. If it inspires you, use the buttons below to share it!

Download the case study: APPLIED NANOPARTICLES SL: spinning off under responsible research and innovation principles
Authors: Martí Busquets-Fité, Eduals Casals, Ignasi Gispert, Victor Puntes, Josep Saldana


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