COMPASS has entered the pilot phase!

Over the last year we have been busy with creating sectoral Responsible Innovation roadmaps and developing a Responsible Innovation self-check tool for companies. These tools are almost ready for you to use, but first, we will be testing them with SMEs!

In the upcoming months, we will present the opportunities available for SMEs and other interested organisations to be the first to pilot the roadmaps and test the self-check tool!

Test the Responsible Innovation self-check tool - assess your strengths and opportunities!

Do you want to know which Responsible Innovation principles you have already incorporated? Do you want to get inspiration on how to bring your company to the next level in better understanding and serving societal needs? Then be the first to check your company with the COMPASS self-check tool.

The COMPASS self-check tool aims to help SMEs in highly innovative sectors assess their strengths and potentials for improvement, as well as provides users with specific measures and concrete examples to reach their goals. The self-check tool will also help you to identify concrete areas to focus on when developing your own roadmap to responsible innovation!

If you want to check where your company stands, and understand how responsible your innovation management and processes are, get in touch and be the first to pilot the COMPASS self-check tool!

Upcoming opportunities to test the COMPASS self-check tool:

  • One-on-one sessions with SMEs organised at your convenience
  • Online consultation – January/ February 2019 (Details coming soon)

If you want to take part, please contact us or sign up to receive information on upcoming activities!

Responsible Innovation COMPASS

Evidence and Opportunities for Responsible Innovation in SMEs

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