Responsible Innovation Roadmaps


Industry specific roadmaps for Responsible Innovation (RI) implementation will be co-developed during a series of online and offline interactive workshops (Responsible Innovation Labs) targeted specifically to each of the three sectors. Through incremental steps, these interactions will enable participants, as representatives of their sector, to develop their vision of RI and co-create methods, approaches and solutions to highlight good practices and potential pitfalls. This will create a roadmap towards Responsible Innovation in their field.

The Responsible Innovation Labs aim to advance the understanding of RI in the industry settings of cyber security (infosec), nanoelectronics and biomedicine. The labs will engage Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in a series of online and offline interactive workshops and develop industry specific roadmaps for RI implementation.

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The workshops will be highly interactive, and are all about co-creation and experimentation of new practices. They will allow companies to look at their own practices and methods to see what improvements can be made in order to maximise mid-long term profits or extend their markets through becoming more receptive to the needs of customers and users.

Participant companies will become more aware of regulatory frameworks and socially acceptable practices, and more trustworthy through practicing openness and transparency, inclusiveness and diversity, and ethical conduct. By reaffirming their commitment to responsible innovation approaches, companies will be able to show that they are socially conscious and aware of the need to interact with society, and, where appropriate, to involve stakeholders at early stages of their innovation practices.

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We are seeking SMEs that work in the fields of cyber security/infosec (in the UK), biomedicine (in Spain) and nanoelectronics (in Belgium) to get involved in our project. We will be running 3 x 1 hour online discussions and 2 half day workshops in each country starting in Summer 2017.

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Until November 2017 you have the unique chance to sign up to create your own company roadmap during one of sector specific Responsible Innovation Labs!

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