Responsible innovation self-check tool

The self-check tool helps you to determine to what extent your company practices already align with responsible innovation principles, what you can do to make your company’s innovation processes and outcomes even more responsible, and how you compare to other companies.

It is a learning instrument that guides a company through the most important responsible innovation practices, and helps you identify company strengths and areas of opportunity. Each question asks about a particular company practice and gives you good practice examples as answer options.

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Where do I start and how long will it take me to finish?

The tool is split into four sections and you can start with the section you are most interested in. Your answers will be automatically saved and you can return to the questionnaire anytime you want with your created login. To respond to all questions you will need about 30-90 minutes. Please be aware that transition time between sections might take a minute to process your data.

To learn more about the tool have a look at the FAQ section. To improve your performance in any of the four sections of the COMPASS self-check tool, have a look at some of the services and resources collected here!


Self-check offline tools

The self-check tool is also available offline!

The excel based tool calculates user results in real time in a similar way that the online tool does, and provides an overview of results indicating in which elements of responsible innovation the user has scored well and which elements could be improved.

Download the excel sheet here

The PDF card set can be printed at users’ own facilities or used as an interactive presentation, and can help facilitate prompting questions to discuss responsible innovation with SME in workshop or consulting settings. The card set is structured identically to the online and excel tool.

Download the PDF card set here


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