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COMPASS is an EU-funded project that supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in three emerging technology industries to manage their research, development and innovation activities in a responsible and inclusive manner.
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COMPASS at the ORBIT conference 2018

Catherine Flick (DMU) had the chance to present a poster on the COMPASS co-creation process, titled “Responsible Innovation in ICT – Co-creating methodologies in SMEs” at the ORBIT Conference on September 4th.

Wonder why other companies have joined our Mentoring Scheme?

Emma Philpott, CEO at the IASME Consortium Ltd, and Jan Hoogenrad, Director at Spoorgloren, are among the pioneers that joined the Responsible Innovation Mentoring Scheme. Find out what motivated them to get on board.

Last day to join the free Responsible Innovation Mentoring Scheme

COMPASS is launching a Call for Expression of Interest to offer 12 European start-ups and SMEs in the Biomedicine, Nanotechnology and Cyber Security sectors the opportunity to join the “Consultancy and Mentoring Scheme”.  Apply here!

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Interested in creating or testing your own Responsible Innovation roadmap?
You now have the opportunity to implement a sector-tailored roadmap with mentorship from COMPASS and self-check your company’s strengths and potentials.

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COMPASS features real industry cases on how implementing Responsible Innovation can kick-start innovation and contribute to competitiveness of SMEs in key innovation fields, such as biomedicine and nanotechnology.

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Meet the COMPASS Team

Meet our team! COMPASS is a team of 24 researchers, innovation support professionals and research funders – all dedicated to advancing Responsible Innovation (RI) in industry.

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Until December 2018 you have the unique chance to sign up to test one of the sector specific Responsible Innovation Roadmaps!

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