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COMPASS is an EU-funded project that supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in three emerging technology industries to manage their research, development and innovation activities in a responsible and inclusive manner.
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Our Recent Highlights

Getting SMEs into RRI at the Responsible Nano Breakfast in Brussels

The first RNB (Responsible Nano breakfast) took place on the 1st of March morning in Brussels. The meeting was set up to initiate the dialogue with nanoelectronics companies about Responsible Innovation.

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In September we launched a case competition seeking excellent stories about responsible innovation in nanotechnology and biomedicine. The competition has now been closed and we will publish these case studies one by one during the coming months. Sign up to be the first to know when they are available!

Roadmaps for Business Innovation: the way to seize opportunities in a changing world

New report by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission highlights the importance of building roadmaps for seizing the innovation opportunities a changing world holds. Follow arrow below to read the summary!

Three Sectors


Nanoelectronics is nanotechnology applied in electronic components at the scale of about 1-100 nanometres. Read more to find out how RI can help foster innovation in the sector.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security is the protection of computer and computer systems, programs and data from unauthorized access, damage, theft or attacks. Read more to find out how RI can help foster innovation in the sector.

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Biomedicine incorporates research into cell and molecular biology, molecular medicine, evolutionary biology, biomedical Informatics, genetics and neurosciences among other areas. Read more to find out how RI can help foster innovation in the sector.

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Meet the COMPASS Team

Meet our team! COMPASS is a team of 24 researchers, innovation support professionals and research funders – all dedicated to advancing Responsible Innovation (RI) in industry.

Develop your own Responsible Innovation Roadmap!

Until November 2017 you have the unique chance to sign up to create your own company roadmap during one of sector specific Responsible Innovation Labs!

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