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Welcome to the COMPASS Intranet. This page is only accessible to consortium partners.

We will continuously fill this space with new contents.

If you want to share any files with the consortium, please get in touch with the WU team, which will create a WU own cloud folder for you.

Please let us know if you’re missing a space for your needs or if you have any suggestions for improving this page (


  • COMPASS Project Management
    Includes input documents, presentations and minutes of COMPASS project meetings and other project management documents
  • COMPASS Visual Identity
    Includes all resources around the visual identity of the COMPASS project, including logos, profile pictures, and templates.
  • COMPASS Dissemination
    Includes documents and files related to dissemination activities, such as presentation slidesets, press releases, and blog entries.
  • COMPASS Deliverables
    Includes current draft and final versions of all COMPASS deliverables and publications.

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