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The COMPASS training materials and tools are tailored to the needs of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and have been designed to help companies manage their research, development and innovation activities in a responsible and inclusive manner. They also aim to help innovation support organisations, researchers, and policy makers to gain further insights on responsible innovation. This training section provides three steps to responsible innovation (see below) and training materials, including:

Three steps to responsible innovation

We are aware that companies responsible innovation strategies will vary depending on e.g. business model, size, product and contextual factors such as legal frameworks or sector dynamics. Nevertheless we suggest following a general process to developing a tailored company responsible innovation strategy. The following steps provide guidance to companies wishing to engage with responsible innovation:

1. Understand what responsible innovation is all about. While you may have never heard of the concept of responsible innovation your company may already be doing things that fall under the concept of responsible innovation. Check out our FAQs where responsible innovation is presented in a nutshell.

2. Figure out in which areas of your operations responsible innovation might be particularly important, find out what your current strengths are and what action you may want to take.
The COMPASS self-check tool helps you to determine to what extent your company practices already align with responsible innovation principles, what you can do to make your company’s innovation processes and outcomes even more responsible, and how you compare to other companies.

To improve your performance in any of the four sections of the COMPASS self-check tool, have a look at some of the services and resources collected here!

3. Develop an action plan for development/adaptation of practices. The COMPASS co-creation method kit supports companies in embedding responsible practices in their innovation strategies. The method kit contains a webinar, including a concise introduction to the co-creation process, followed by experience-based pieces of advice for facilitators, and the co-creation method booklet, describing the method step-by-step. The sectoral roadmaps, co-developed with companies within COMPASS project, provide inspiration.

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