Responsible Innovation Roadmaps

The roadmaps for responsible innovation in nanotechnology, cyber security and biomedicine were co-developed with 40 companies and civil society organisations. Based on general issues relevant across the three sectors and industry-specific aspects that have been observed in the co-creation process, COMPASS developed three sector-specific roadmaps. Companies then had the opportunity to pilot roadmap actions and report on usability of the roadmaps themselves.

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The final roadmaps have a time horizon of 2030 and point out sector-specific milestones and action points for companies to focus on in their pursuit of responsible innovation. The roadmaps show the key stages of the development process and which responsible innovation aspects should be considered at these points.

Have a look at the sector-tailored roadmaps below!


The nanotechnology roadmap points to some fundamental issues around risk and safety in innovation within the nanotechnology sector.

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Cyber Security

The cybersecurity roadmap helps to shape ethical approaches to innovation within the cybersecurity sector.

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The biomedicine roadmap helps move towards further responsibility within the healthcare technology and services sector.

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