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COMPASS has compiled an overview of RRI projects and initiatives carried out in Europe over the course of the past ten years. The COMPASS project directory below contains 130 publicly funded RRI projects in Europe. Our project directory aims to facilitate the search for RRI projects in Europe. You can download search instructions here.

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You can find more information, results and project output on responsible innovation in the European Commission’s database CORDIS, as well as the RRI Toolkit!

Over the course of the project, it has become evident that rules, regulations and funding criteria could function as external incentives to implement responsible innovation in SMEs. The Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), as coordinator of the COMPASS project, has therefore developed recommendations for EU research and innovation policy, with support of the COMPASS High Level Expert Advisory Board.


Project Acronym: NANOPLAT
Project Title: Development of a Platform for Deliberative Process on Nanotechnology in the European Consumer Market
Funding Programme: FP7
Responsible Innovation Dimension: , , ,
Description: The main idea behind this Support action is to develop a platform for deliberative processes on Nano-science and Nano-technology (NS&T) in the European consumer market. Nanotechnology products are now reaching the consumer markets within a large number of branches. During the last year, the number of consumer products using nanotechnology has more than doubled, from 212 to 475. Clothing and cosmetics top the inventory at 77 and 75 products, respectively. We will concentrate on deliberative processes concerning human and environmental safety, ethical and moral dilemmas, and perceptions of risks and responsibilities as revealed through a focus on the market interfaces across the value chain of consumer goods. Consumers, citizens and their organisations could be the most important stakeholders in the diffusion process of nano-products in Europe and beyond. The main goal is to evaluate and stimulate the deliberate dialogue, and give scientific support to the stakeholders responsible for this dialogue. We will • Evaluate selected deliberative processes in Europe, both at the EU and national level. These evaluations will have a general NS&T perspective, with special focus on consumption • Identify the needs and interest of relevant stakeholders along this value chain, especially focusing on producers, consumers, NGOs and the civil society. • Develop a deliberative and science based platform for a stakeholder dialogue in Europe and beyond in this area. The main elements of the platform are: o a) the content, o b) the participants, o c) the physical and technical solutions and arenas and - at last o d) the responsibility for a permanent platform. • Formulate Recommendation for research and political actions. The work packages of the project will more or less mirror this structure. We will combine desk research, qualitative interviews and workshops to meet the challenges of these objectives.

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