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COMPASS has compiled an overview of RRI projects and initiatives carried out in Europe over the course of the past ten years. The COMPASS project directory below contains 130 publicly funded RRI projects in Europe. Our project directory aims to facilitate the search for RRI projects in Europe. You can download search instructions here.

For a quick look at the key figures check out our factsheet. For a detailed outline, have a look at the COMPASS policy paper, which maps out approaches, objectives and thematic priorities of publicly funded RRI projects at European level, and describes their spread across Europe via budget shares and numbers of participations.

You can find more information, results and project output on responsible innovation in the European Commission’s database CORDIS, as well as the RRI Toolkit!

Over the course of the project, it has become evident that rules, regulations and funding criteria could function as external incentives to implement responsible innovation in SMEs. The Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), as coordinator of the COMPASS project, has therefore developed recommendations for EU research and innovation policy, with support of the COMPASS High Level Expert Advisory Board.


Project Acronym: PlantHUB
Project Title: PlantHUB - Boosting technology transfer and responsible research and innovation (RRI) in plant sciences
Funding Programme: Horizon 2020
Description: In PlantHUB will capture the academic, industrial and regulatory expertise from 5 world-class universities, 1 public research organisation, 1 governmental organization, 8 enterprises including 5 SMEs to train 10 ESRs in skills and competencies necessary to apply responsible research and innovation (RRI) in the area of plant breeding and production. We wish to address the demand of RRI leadership in plant science related research and diffusion of innovation. The individual research projects are demand-driven, responding to the needs of companies - particular SMEs - to increase R&I capacities. The outcomes are new molecular tools for plant breeding, new forage, cereal and oil crop varieties, non-invasive imaging and phenotyping technologies, intelligent lighting systems for plant growth, new software and services for complex genomic analyses, and plant product quality. PlantHUB industrial doctoral programme is ground-breaking in a number of respects: (i) doctoral training is placed into an entrepreneurial environment of leading public and private organisations (ii) it combines practical hands-on R&D and technology transfer in plant breeding and production with RRI training and practise. On completion of the training, graduates will have deep interdisciplinary knowledge of plant breeding, crop improvement, high-throughput technologies, isotope and big data analysis. In combination with a portfolio of transferable skills they will be able to take a lead in stakeholder & public engagement, innovation management, technology transfer and entrepreneurship. Our programme will become a flagship example at the forefront of intersectoral research, underpinned with a carefully created training curriculum to foster awareness, know-how, expertise and competence in RRI.

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