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COMPASS has compiled an overview of RRI projects and initiatives carried out in Europe over the course of the past ten years. The COMPASS project directory below contains 130 publicly funded RRI projects in Europe. Our project directory aims to facilitate the search for RRI projects in Europe. You can download search instructions here.

For a quick look at the key figures check out our factsheet. For a detailed outline, have a look at the COMPASS policy paper, which maps out approaches, objectives and thematic priorities of publicly funded RRI projects at European level, and describes their spread across Europe via budget shares and numbers of participations.

You can find more information, results and project output on responsible innovation in the European Commission’s database CORDIS, as well as the RRI Toolkit!

Over the course of the project, it has become evident that rules, regulations and funding criteria could function as external incentives to implement responsible innovation in SMEs. The Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), as coordinator of the COMPASS project, has therefore developed recommendations for EU research and innovation policy, with support of the COMPASS High Level Expert Advisory Board.


Project Acronym: SIS-RRI
Project Title: Science, Innovation and Society: achieving Responsible Research and Innovation
Funding Programme: Horizon 2020
Responsible Innovation Dimension:
Description: The present proposal is aimed at organising the Stock Taking international event dedicated to Science in Society projects and activities throughout the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes. The Conference will be organised under the Italian Presidency, and will take place in Rome (19-21/11/14). The event has been included in the official programme of the Italian Presidency, whereby an exchange of views on Science with and for Society issues will be addressed on the occasion of the Informal Meeting of Ministers of the EU Competitiveness Council, to be held in Rome. The whole event will consist of Conference sessions and two side events (Brokerage event and Art&Innovation Exhibition). The structure of the event has been tailored to fulfil the objectives defined in the topic of the call. Objectives: Garner analysis, recommendations and best practices of projects funded under the FP6 (SaS) and the FP7 (SiS). Offer a platform to discuss further developments in RRI framework; Federate the Science in Society Community; Present the international perspective of Science in Society projects over the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes, and reflect on the international dimension of Science in Society. The proposal is aimed at providing the EC with an overview of recommendations and best practices of the previous FP6-SaS and FP7-SiS, with the aim of supporting the implementation of effective strategic policies to face societal challenges during and beyond the H2020. The discussions among international experts will point to a number of best practices from which to take further ideas for European policies. The event aims at a target of 600 participants, among whom former Programmes and project coordinators, NCPs interested stakeholders from industry, universities, research organisations, civil society, NGOs, political institutions and European Foundations. The Conference will be organised around various SwafS activities.

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