Co-creation and piloting

The Responsible Innovation Labs served to co-create sector tailored roadmaps for Responsible Innovation and provided answers to the following questions:

  • What does it mean to do act responsibly in research and innovation?
  • Are you already researching and innovating in a responsible way?
  • And in concrete terms, what would that imply and change?

Since November 2018, six companies operating in the areas of nanotechnology, cyber security and biomedicine have taken part in the COMPASS Mentoring scheme, and had the opportunity to pilot roadmap actions and report on usability of the roadmaps themselves.

Why companies have joined the COMPASS Mentoring Scheme

We want to ensure that people, planet and profit grow by applying Responsible Innovation. We make sure that our innovations are challenging, fun and inclusive to all people involved. We contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions, energy and waste. We do so in an atmosphere of trust, and use the leverage of new innovative technologies.
The COMPASS Mentoring Scheme helps us improve in all these aspects of Responsible Innovation.

Jan Hoogenraad

Jan Hoogenraad

Director at Spoorgloren

We are keen to do the right thing, and to collaborate and network with other companies who have the same values as we do. It is essential that any innovation is performed with care to ensure all results, both direct and indirect, are of benefit to society and cause no harm.
We have already felt a benefit from the COMPASS workshops and the guidance from COMPASS will help us to move ahead and take our Responsible Innovation practises to the next level.

Emma Philpott

Emma Philpott

CEO, The IASME Consortium Ltd

Roadmap co-creation labs

The Responsible Innovation Labs aimed to advance the understanding of Responsible Innovation in the nanotechnology, cyber security (infosec) and biomedicine sectors. The labs engaged companies, research projects, and high-level experts in a five-step series of online and offline interactive workshops to develop roadmaps towards Responsible Innovation in their field.

The labs took place between September 2017 and March 2018 and were all about co-creation and experimentation of new practices. They allowed companies to look at their own practices and methods to see what improvements can be made in order to maximise mid to long term profits or extend their markets through becoming more receptive to the needs of customers and users. We co-created visions and roadmaps towards the integration of Responsible Innovation principles into the daily practices of SMEs.



Meet the Responsible Innovation pioneers

Aelix Therapeutics Ankar Pharma Biocat Care Respite digital shadows GAEM Foundation
Aelix Therapeutics is a spin-off from the IRSICAIXA institute (a major European center for AIDS research). This biotech company works on developing the first therapeutic vaccine to cure HIV infection. Ankar Pharma is a spin-off from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Its mission is to develop drugs that cure or increase the quality of life of patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Biocat acts as a strategic agent and catalyst in the Catalan healthcare and life sciences ecosystem. Its mission is to transform knowledge and technology into economic growth and to create a social impact. Care Respite is a joint spin-off from the Computer Vision Center, Acceplan, and 3 Spanish universities (UB, UAB, UOC). Its ambient intelligent monitoring system recognizes risk events of people with reduced autonomy. Digital Shadows monitors, manages, and remediates digital risk across the widest range of sources on the visible, deep, and dark web to protect your organization. The GAEM Foundation supports innovative projects that can become therapeutical solutions for healing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and for improving the quality of life of MS sufferers.
IASME Consortium Manremyc QMENTA NOMINET SOM Biotech YOTI
IASME is an information assurance standard, particularly suitable for SMEs. IASME assesses and certifies organisations against the IASME Governance Standard and the Cyber Essentials Scheme. MANREMYC aims to eradicate Tuberculosis, reaching out to most neglected populations, with a new patented supplement food made with inactivated Mycobacterium manresensis . The company holds a B Corp Certification. QMENTAs technology is specialized on medical image analysis, scientific visualization and software and is on a mission to unlock the potential of neuroimaging with a scalable data technology platform. NOMINET works at the heart of the internet infrastructur, offering registry services, deploying analytics to tackle cyber threats and finding new ways to connect people and devices. SOM Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company. Its business strategy is to identify, preclinically & clinically develop and commercialize drugs to treat rare diseases with special emphasis on the neurological field. YOTI is a London-based technology company on a mission to become the world’s most trusted identity platform. It can be used to prove your age, verify people you meet online, prove your identity to businesses, and more.

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Evidence and Opportunities for Responsible Innovation in SMEs

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