Responsible Innovation Good practice cases

The Responsible Innovation COMPASS features real industry cases on how implementing responisble innovation can kick-start innovation and contribute to competitiveness of SMEs in key innovation fields.

COMPASS has determined 5 winners from the case-study competition that was launched in September 2016. Have a look at these insring company examples and find out how they put responsible innovation into practise!

On my own…at work. Strategic Partnerships for vocational training

The OMO project aims to promote employment opportunities of people with intellectual disabilities (ID) in the hotel and catering industries. It has designed, developed and tested several tools to increase training and employment opportunities for people with ID within the hospitality sector. Find out how they promote diversity at the workplace!

AppNP – Applied Nanoparticles

AppNP ‘s purpose is to research, study and develop nanoparticles, and their applications, based on Responsible Research and Innovation principles.   Watch the VIDEO to hear first hand AppNPs approach to Responsible Innovation.

The Rehab Angel – A New Rehabilitation Device

The Rehab Angel is a unique variable angle device that allows better control and safety for patients requiring lower limb exercises and is used mostly for knee rehabilitation purposes. Watch the VIDEO to see why it makes for a great case of how to realize the principles of responsible innovation in practice.

Organic Solar Cell Development for Clean Sustainable Energy

Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) are a very promising option for solar energy in the future. This case study covers the development of large-area ultrathin gold nanowires as a transparent electrode in organic solar cells, which have high efficiency and a long lifespan. Responsible Innovation principles, including issues regarding fundamental rights, safety, ethics, and sustainable development, have […]

GlucoTel™ Telemonitoring System

GlucoTel™™, developed by ™BodyTel™, is a sensor for tele-medical blood glucose monitoring and diabetes management. BodyTel™‘s products directly contribute to tackling one of the societal challenges (health, demographic change and well-being) by allowing more efficient care, which leads to a better quality of life as well as cost savings for health care and nursing.  

Responsible Innovation COMPASS

Evidence and Opportunities for Responsible Innovation in SMEs

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