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Responsible Innovation is still a challenging concept for a number of businesses and industries. COMPASS has brought together exceptional experts, who have been working on the forefront of Responsible Innovation issues in the areas of healthcare, ICT, and nanotechnology, as well as on ethics, gender, and competitiveness issues as members of the Advisory Board. These Advisory Board members are offering exclusive insights into some of the most pressing Responsible Innovation issues to COMPASS.


Klaus Leisinger: Responsible Innovation & the 2030 Agenda

Klaus Leisinger, Founder of the Global Values Alliance, shares a broad overview of the role of Responsible Innovation in achieving the SDGs. He argues that science-based technological advances and innovation guided by the SDGs  can ensure a good and sustainable life to all, while business leaders have a key role to play.

Virginia Robano: Responsible Innovation & the SME Business Environment

Virginia Robano, Consultant to the OECD, elaborates on the business environment for OECD small firms and entrepreneurs.  She identifies and describes potential opportunities and constraints in the adoption of Responsible Innovation and provides a rationale for public policy intervention.

Mahmud Samandari: How to implement Responsible Innovation in SMEs

Mahmud Samandari, founder and secretary general of ebbf, outlines the issues related to Responsible Innovation in the ICT industry, and proposes a mechanism to support SMEs on their way to responsible practises. (Image source: “Artificial intelligence” by Many wonderful artists-flickr)  

Londa Schiebinger: Gender-Responsible Research & Innovation

Prof. Londa Schiebinger (Director of the EU/US Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment Project) elaborates on the importance and practice of considering gender issues in research and innovation.

Charlotte Wagenaar: Innovative concepts in healthcare – learning from SMEs in Africa

Charlotte Wagenaar, Senior Communications Advisor at PharmAccess Group, shares her insights on the challenges and market failures faced by the healthcare sector in sub-Saharan Africa and how current research and interventions help health SMEs in overcoming them.

Roger De Keersmaecker: Responsible Innovation in Nanoelectronics and ICT

Roger De Keersmaecker (Executive advisor for IMEC) shares his profund insights on current and emerging topics in nanoelectronics and ICT, the concept of responsible innovation and pathways to operationalise it.

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