Cyber Security Roadmap

The cybersecurity roadmap is the outcome of a series of co-creation workshops with cybersecurity companies in the UK. Although all companies operated in the cybersecurity sector, different parts of the sector were represented: digital identity provision, traditional cybersecurity (protection, penetration testing, security, etc.), education provision, and cybersecurity infrastructure.

The labs helped to generate insights about the position of the cybersecurity sector and the challenges that it faces. It also showed that there exists an acute sense of responsibility (by virtue of their role in ‘protection’) among the participating companies, and a clear ethical strand to their work and their thinking.

Cyber Security roadmap

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The roadmap for the cybersecurity sector emphatically points to some company management aspects considered as vital for companies involved in the sector. Significant merit is attributed to having codes of conduct, accompanied by suitable management and governance systems that encourage the operation of ethical practices and can help to limit or minimise damage that can be caused by cyber-attacks, malevolent persons within the companies or simply human error. These same systems are recognised as contributing to robust frameworks for the maintenance of data privacy – by which the client and customer trust is supported.

It follows that the roadmap demands that companies should have and implement codes of practice (understood and practiced by all staff) that help to embed a ‘tools for good’ ethos. Associated with this is the necessity of a heightened readiness among the companies to (a) respond to, and preferably be ahead with, knowledge about cybersecurity issues; (b) work closely with relevant industry (and government) bodies; and (c) to maintain good relationships with clients and customers so they are well informed on cybersecurity issues and see themselves as ‘allies’ in the war against cyber-crime. The ethical imperatives around such matters are strong and resonate with elements of responsible innovation.

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